Private Lessons and Homeschool Support by Credentialed Teachers.

Many discerning parents are choosing to homeschool their children. The benefits and the opportunities of homeschooling are limitless. The micro schooling that a lot of parents are turning to is a natural progression of this situation in education.
Move your child’s learning experience to the next level by bringing authentic in – person Montessori lessons to your home presented by Montessori certified instructors. Like a crystal, the child’s absorbent mind dwells in a rich environment.

“One of the most urgent endeavors to be undertaken on behalf of the reconstruction of society is the reconstruction of education. It must be brought about by giving…children the environment that is adapted to their nature.”- M.Montessori.



The models that form the backbone of our traditional educational system are not well adapted to children. Although some children manage to excel in the system regardless, the common cultural attitude is that school is not fun and it’s painful. There is a mismatch between the models underlying the traditional system of education and the nature of children.

Montessori designed her materials to show abstract ideas in a concrete way. All math materials are beautiful and inviting. They stimulate cognitive development and establish order and clarity within the mind. We present math to children using the concrete materials and letting them find their own pace and steps to build their knowledge. Dr. Montessori wrote: “Children show a great attachment to the abstract subjects when they arrive at them through manual activity. They proceed to fields of knowledge hitherto held inaccessible to them, as grammar and mathematics.”

Dr. Maria Montessori always pointed out that young children has a natural sensitivity for language development which follows closely on the years when she/he learns to speak her native language. The child at three, four and five has a unique fascination for words, both printed and spoken. This fascination often enables her to begin reading and writing before the age at which it is traditionally taught.