Hey mom/dad! I am glad you are here!

I am Lili👆🏻 I am a mom of two children, a teacher and a certified functional medicine and nutrition health coach. I started Montessori School on Wheels because I want to spread the power and magic of the authentic Montessori education in a new, fun and innovative way. I want to give your child the best possible start in achieving essential skills and developing a greater understanding of the world around them. I want to build a well-oiled engine of growth, inspiration and happiness in education. I strongly believe that we shouldn’t fight the existing reality, but instead build a model that makes the existing model obsolete.

Yes, I have a Masters of Science in Education, I am a credentialed teacher in California and Colorado, I am Montessori certified, but what I have that you don’t learn in college and all the trainings is natural powerful ability to connect with children. My love of learning, humor, inspiration and unconditional love are contagious. Children who don’t connect, trust and love their teachers have learning experience based on fear, anxiety and frustration. Those feelings do not just disappear when they are 18. They cause emotional trauma that affects their future in a very negative way.
I believe that together we can offer our children a healthy, happy and stress-free learning environment. Stop telling your child to be responsible, hand them the responsibility and expect them to handle it.

Why do you have to fight with your child over language assignments or fundamental math concepts? You don’t! Being a mom/dad is a 24/7 job. You can take a break and enjoy your time while my team and I offer your child an individualized, holistic, exciting, authentic approach to learning with concrete representations of major concepts.

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If I told you that there is a planet where there are no schools, no teachers, no need to study, and where, living and walking, without further fatigue, the inhabitants get to know everything and firmly consolidate all that knowledge in their brain, would not it seem like a beautiful fable? Well, this, which seems so fantastic and sounds like the invention of a fertile imagination, is a fact, a reality; because this is the child’s way of learning. It learns everything unconsciously, going slowly, from the unconscious to the conscientious.  –  M.Montessori