Why Montessori?

Dr. Maria Montessori developed this purposeful, peaceful, and common sense method of education based on her scientific observations of children. A fundamental truth permeates Montessori's observations and work: Children are desperate to learn and they want to learn on their own at a unique pace. This is the beating heart of Montessori method.

The factory model of education offered in most public and private schools has failed. But recognizing a problem is useless without a solution. Montessori education is the solution.

Montessori is a child centered approach. It offers unlimited opportunities and natural learning experiences, but most importantly it nurtures the love of learning. The golden words are Follow the Child. Maria Montessori always emphasized that the hand is the chief teacher of the child. In order to learn there must be concentration, and the best way a child can concentrate is by fixing his/her attention on some task he is performing with his hand.

Dr. Montessori believed that trusting the inner teacher should be the first principle of education and young children can learn to read, write and calculate in the same natural way that they learn to walk and talk. In the Montessori environment the child is the main focus and learns through exploration and discovery. The teacher is the guide.

Montessori radically changed the role of the teacher. Instead of a commander she would be a facilitator who “teaches little and observes much”. She connects the child to the environment and observes. 

The Montessori philosophy helps the teacher understand the child. The environment is crucial for the child’s learning BUT without the trained teacher, the whole Montessori system fails. Trained teachers are the most important factor in the Montessori method.






When you choose your child's education you should not rely on studies or comparisons of test scores or grades, you should rely on observations and ask questions like:

  • Is my child happy?
  • Is my child independent?
  • Is she/he able to concentrate?
  • Is his/her curiosity nurtured?
  • Is she/he sociable?

The questions cannot be answered by a test or grade, they can be answered by you.

Montessori wanted us to remember that it was the children themselves who, by their free and natural inclinations, revealed to her the true nature of their growth and development.


"Childhood does not produce one race, one caste, one social group, but it produces the whole of humanity."
-M. Montessori



" The child is not an empty being who owes whatever he knows to us who have filled him up with it. No, the child is the builder of man. There is no man existing who has not been formed by the child he ones was."

-M. Montessori