"Education must no longer be based upon syllabus but upon the knowledge of human life." - M. Montessori




Our programs are flexible and personalized. We will create and adapt your child's lessons based on his/her daily schedule, needs and interests. Montessori on Wheels is a well-oiled engine of growth and inspiration.

Broad spectrum personalized curriculum based on hands-on approach includes but not limited to:

  • care of self and the environment
  • nature and cultural studies
  • brain gym
  • mindfulness
  • yoga
  • peace education
  • health and wellness
  • foreign languages
  • mathematics
  • reading and writing
  • sensorial education
  • music and art

Additional information:

  • children 3 -7 years of age
  • 60 -120 min sessions
  • small mixed age groups (optional)
  • in - home visits
  • all hands - on materials provided
  • authentic Montessori materials
  • minimum of 12 weeks agreement
  • minimum of 1 lesson a week
  • consistent communication and feedback about child's progress
  • discounts for small groups
  • $16 - $69 per lesson




Contact Us

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text: 1-303-810-7134


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